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  1. GenX is a trade name for a processing aid technology developed by DuPont (now Chemours). In 2008, EPA received new chemical notices under the Toxic Substance Control Act from DuPont (which is now Chemours) for two chemical substances that are part of the GenX process (Hexafluoropropylene oxide (HFPO) dimer acid and the ammonium salt of HFPO dimer acid)
  2. Chemours Is Using the U.S. as an Unregulated Dump for Europe's Toxic GenX Waste GenX was introduced in 2009 by DuPont to replace PFOA, but it presents many of the same health and environmental.
  3. Chemours is required to provide either whole house filtration or reverse osmosis units to homes above the 140ppt GenX threshold. Eligible residents are advised to make a selection of filtration system if they have not already done so
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  1. GenX Investigation. The Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) began investigating the presence of a compound known as GenX in the Cape Fear River in June 2017. The Chemours facility in Fayetteville was identified as the company that produces the GenX chemical for industrial processes
  2. ating the water supply both near the plant and downstream with GenX. For at least 30 years, the company's predecessor, DuPont, discharged PFAS into groundwater and the Cape Fear River, which in turn tainted the drinking water
  3. ating the Cape Fear River with the chemical GenX in 1980. NC lawsuit says they knew the dangers
  4. C3 Dimer Acid and PFAS. C3 Dimer Acid is used in the manufacture of many products by Chemours. This material, also known and referred to as HFPO-dimer acid, HFPO-DA or Gen-X, has been detected at low levels in the environment near our manufacturing facility at Fayetteville. Dr. Damian Shea, Professor of Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology at.
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Study: GenX chemical in 70 of 84 wells tested near

According to the lawsuit, Chemours and Dupont have contaminated the groundwater near the Fayetteville Works plant with toxic per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs), including GenX. As a result, many private drinking water wells have been affected by this contamination Shortly after, during a meeting with local officials, Chemours employees said the GenX contaminating the Cape Fear was not a result of the product's manufacturing process taking place at the Fayetteville Works facility, but rather was created as the byproduct of a totally separate process that has taken place in cycles since 1980 Deal struck to stop GenX runoff at NC's Chemours plant. Tags: GenX, PFAS, Chemours, Cape Fear River; Posted August 13, 2020 6:11 p.m. EDT Updated August 13, 2020 7:45 p.m. ED GenX, which is made at the Chemours facility, is a PFAS compound. The chemical and other PFAS compounds also are the byproducts of processes done at the plant. The chemicals that were found 16.

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  1. Rund 50 neue Arbeitsplätze entstehen durch das Erweiterungsprojekt The Chemours Company (Chemours) (NYSE: CC), ein globales Chemieunternehmen mit führenden Marktpositionen in den Bereichen Titanium Technologies, Thermal & Specialized Solutions, Advanced Performance Materials und Chemical Solutions, hat kürzlich den ersten Spatenstich für eine neue, 93 Millionen US-Dollar teure Bergbauanlage auf dem von Camp Blanding gepachteten Land in Cl.
  2. Chemours emission estimates created by DEQ with a widely accepted computer model suggests only very small amounts of GenX and very closely related compounds have been emitted from the facility. The state Department of Environmental Quality wants to confirm this Chemours estimate of GenX and similar compound emissions with stack testing the.
  3. Conservation groups and state environmental regulators announced Thursday an agreement under which the Chemours' Fayetteville Works facility must reduce by at least 99% GenX and other polyfluoroalkyl substances from reaching the Cape Fear River and downstream drinking water supplies

Chemours to clean up GenX and pay $12 million fine Legal deal would require company to test fluoroethers for health and environmental effects by Cheryl Hogu GenX is een technologie die wordt gebruikt om coatings (fluorpolymeren) te maken. Sinds 2012 gebruikt fabrikant Chemours in Dordrecht de GenX-technologie als vervanging van PFOAperfluoroctaanzuur . Omwonenden kunnen op verschillende manieren te maken krijgen met de chemische stoffen die gebruikt worden bij de GenX-technologie GenX lawsuits: North Carolina, other states accuse Chemours, DuPont of fraud, negligence and misconduc In June of 2017, The Wilmington Star-News broke the story that a toxic chemical named GenX was found in the Cape Fear River - the drinking water supply for 250,000 people. The source of the pollution was The Fayetteville Works site, which had been run by DuPont since its founding in 1971 and then managed by DuPont spinoff, The Chemours Company, since 2015 Since 1980, Chemours and its previous parent company, DuPont, have discharged per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances — known as PFAS — including GenX, from a plant south of Fayetteville directly into the Cape Fear River. The companies allowed contaminated groundwater to seep from their Fayetteville Works plant into the waterway, a drinking.

GenX is molecularly structured almost identically to another toxic chemical made by Dupont Chemours, known as C8. This sister chemical, C8 was also at first untested and unregulated, until real life cases of cancer and other life threatening issues were exposed in lawsuits that recently ended in an 670 million dollar settlement paid out to over. The EPA failed to oversee Chemours Co. efforts to control emissions of the PFAS chemicals called GenX, the agency's inspector general said in a report released Thursday. The so-called forever chemicals, also known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, have been found in North Carolina's Cape Fear River near Chemours's Fayetteville chemical plant and across the country

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GenX has since been discovered in hundreds of private wells near the plant. Chemours manufacturers GenX at a facility in Bladen County off N.C. 87 near the Cumberland County line Chemours and DuPont face more than 1,000 lawsuits for their part in the GenX water crisis, but North Carolina is just the tip of the iceberg for the two chemical makers when it comes to water. The Chemours plant sits on 2,870 hectares in a rural area south of Fayetteville, near the west bank of the Cape Fear River. The waterway flows more than 110 km beyond the facility before reaching. The Chemours Company now owns and operates the site, although one DuPont unit still operates there. The plant is located approximately 100 miles upstream from Wilmington, North Carolina. DuPont and later Chemours have manufactured GenX as a commercial product there Since 1980, Chemours and its previous parent company, DuPont, have discharged per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances — known as PFAS — including GenX, from a plant south of Fayetteville directly into the Cape Fear River. The companies allowed contaminated groundwater to seep from their Fayetteville Works plant into the waterway, a drinking.

DuPont-Chemours GenX Injury Videos Below are some of our videos explaining the potential dangers of GenX, and especially the connection to kidney and testicular cancer, and ulcerative colitis. To learn more about the types of injuries that have been linked to this product, and the legal claims that have been filed, click GenX Injuries GenX and other PFAS were measured in air emissions from the Chemours facility and have been found in rainwater and other bodies of water close to the facility. Under a consent order between NCDEQ, Chemours, and the Cape Fear River Watch, Chemours is responsible for characterizing GenX in the environment and reducing or eliminating their.

The GenX Exposure Study is assessing human exposure to GenX and related chemicals in people living in the Lower Cape Fear River Basin. With funding from the Center for Human Health and the Environment (CHHE) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH), CHHE researchers from North Carolina State University and East Carolina University are measuring GenX and other chemicals in blood, urine, and. The Chemours Company . 1007 Market Street . PO Box 2047 . Wilmington, DE 19899 . 302-773-1000 . chemours.com . November 8, 2017 . VIA E-MAIL . Sheila Holman Assistant Secretary for Environment . NC Department of Environmental Quality 217 West Jones Street Raleigh, NC 27603 . Verne George . Environmental Protection Agency - Region PFAS, including GenX which was discovered in the Cape Fear River in 2017, are man-made chemicals produced by Dupont/Chemours and used for the manufacture of nonstick coatings, fire suppression foams, and for many other purposes in industrial processes and commercial products

GenX, PFAS and Chemours are part of the lexicon in the Cape Fear region. It's been that way for two years, since the general public first heard about Listen • 7:0 EPA Orders Testing for GenX Contamination Near Chemours Plant in West Virginia DuPont introduced GenX in 2009 to replace PFOA, also known as C8, a chemical it had used for decades to make Teflon. يفصل هذا الموقع الإلكتروني دعاوى GenX القضائية ضد DuPont & Chemours ، بما في ذلك الارتباط بسرطان الكلى والخصية والتهاب القولون التقرحي والمستوطنات

Just one week after North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein announced his lawsuit against Chemours and its original parent company DuPont for PFAS pollution, private citizens in Bladen County have filed two legal actions of their own. These lawsuits seek financial compensation for Chemours' Fayetteville Works plant poisoning their drinking water supplies with GenX and other PFAS. Raleigh, N.C. — Chemours has been shipping GenX waste across the Atlantic, collecting the chemicals at its Bladen County plant for processing in an arrangement that surprised state regulators A class action lawsuit makes claims similar to ones the NC Department of Environmental Quality has made about corporate deception against DuPont and Chemours, and the chemical known as GenX Chemours Co., a DuPont spinoff, repeatedly has said levels of GenX released since possibly the 1980s from its Fayetteville Works plant, upstream from Wilmington and other communities, are at levels that pose no health hazards. In that context, persistent and big questions regarding GenX pollution in Cape Fear remain extremely important, including GenX and related compounds originated from a flurochemical manufacturing plant upstream from Wilmington owned by The Chemours Company. GenX, the trade name for the ammonium form of perfluoro-2-propoxypropanoic acid (PFPrOPrA), is used to make polymers, such as the non-stick coating Teflon, food-wrapper coatings and other products

Chemours in Dordrecht kondigde in september 2018 aan op termijn grotendeels te stoppen met het lozen van GenX. Het Europees Agentschap voor Chemische Stoffen heeft GenX in juni 2019 op de lijst van Zeer Zorgwekkende Stoffen (ZZS) gezet, waardoor het veel moeilijker is geworden om een vergunning te krijgen voor het gebruik Chemours manufacturers GenX at a facility in Bladen County off N.C. 87 near the Cumberland County line. The compound also is a byproduct of other processes at the plant. Well owners near the. And because of an EPA rule, Chemours' release of GenX into the Cape Fear River for nearly four decades may have been perfectly legal; that's because it is a byproduct of another substance

Op basis van de beperkt beschikbare informatie wordt verondersteld dat deze stof waarschijnlijk minder schadelijk is dan PFOA.<br> Since 2012, Chemours (Dordrecht) is using the GenX technology to produce plastics (fluoropolymers). In this technology, the substances FRD-902, FRD-903 and E1 replace the controversial PFOA substances The EPA failed to oversee Chemours Co. efforts to control emissions of the PFAS chemicals called GenX, the agency's inspector general said in a report released Thursday.. The so-called forever chemicals, also known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, have been found in North Carolina's Cape Fear River near Chemours's Fayetteville chemical plant and across the country ケマーズ社は、ヨーロッパの有害 GenX 廃棄物について 規制のない投棄場所としてアメリカを利用している シャロン・ラーナー 情報源:The Intercept, February 1 2019 Chemours Is Using the U.S. as an Unregulated Dump for Europe's Toxic GenX Waste By Sharon Lerne Chemours' Fayetteville Works facility has been discharging GenX and other PFAS into the Cape Fear River and air since the 1980s. Larry Cahoon, a professor of biology and marine biology at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, explained in an email that there were three avenues of groundwater pollution from Fayetteville Works GenX is een technologie die sinds 2005 in de Verenigde Staten en sinds 2012 in Nederland door het van DuPont afgesplitste chemische bedrijf Chemours in Dordrecht gebruikt wordt bij het produceren van fluorhoudende polymeren, zoals polytetrafluoretheen (PTFE; merknaam Teflon). Deze stoffen worden onder andere gebruikt voor het vervaardigen van anti-aanbaklagen van pannen en voor allerlei.

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Ook over GenX-stoffen wordt steeds meer bekend. Het chemisch bedrijf Chemours in Dordrecht produceerde eerst PFOA (tot 2012) en is daarna overgeschakeld op GenX. De stoffen breken niet af in het. GenX is a Chemours trademark name for a synthetic, short-chain organofluorine chemical compound, the ammonium salt of hexafluoropropylene oxide dimer acid fluoride.It can also be used more informally to refer to the group of related fluorochemicals that are used to produce GenX. DuPont began the commercial development of GenX in 2009 as a replacement for perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA, also. Chemours makes GenX, which is used on non-stick pans, at its Fayetteville plant. Since the chemical is unregulated, the company is legally permitted to discharge it as part of its effluent into.

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Chemours officials have said that the amount of GenX found in wells around the company's facility are not harmful. Chemours hired a contractor to test for GenX and other PFAS compounds under the conditions of a consent order signed by the company, the state Department of Environmental Quality and Cape Fear River Watch, an environmental group Chemours is emitting roughly 2,700 pounds — more than a ton — of GenX into the air each year, the Division of Air Quality announced today. That amount is 40 times higher than originally. A recent study by N.C. State that tested 84 private wells near the Chemours plant found traces of GenX in 70 of them. Of that 70, 33 of the wells had more of the chemical than the state considers safe. Many of the residents whose wells have been impacted by this have filed a lawsuit against Chemours and its parent company, DuPont Chemours said the chemical has been released for 37 years and has a federal consent order in place that exempted the chemical when it was produced as a byproduct, meaning that the government knew GenX was being released, but GenX is not listed on their permit Chemours has historically recycled GenX waste at its Fayetteville Works plant that originated from the company's facility in Dordrecht, Netherlands, a spokeswoman confirmed Friday. The purpose of exporting the material is to reduce that quantity that is emitted or becomes waste, Chemours spokeswoman Lisa Randall said

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Chemours gebruikt GenX voor de productie van Teflon-producten zoals anti-aanbaklagen in pannen. Het GenX-afval werd eerder teruggehaald uit Italië, tijdelijk opgeslagen in Dordrecht en daarna. Agreement Specifies Next Steps under Consent Order with DEQ and Chemours. CHAPEL HILL, N.C.—A state court today approved an agreement that details the next steps under a consent order negotiated by the Southern Environmental Law Center on behalf of Cape Fear River Watch with the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality and Chemours that requires the company to stop 99% of GenX and other PFAS.

GenX: Chemours Fayetteville Importing Waste From Chemours' Netherlands Plant (Jan. 25, 2019) City Expected To Take Stance On DEQ/Chemours Consent Order (Jan. 7, 2019) Consent Order is a First Step (Dec. 13, 2018) CFPUA Responds To EPA Draft Toxicity Report (Dec. 7, 2018 Il 2,3,3,3-tetrafluoro-2-(eptafluoropropossi)-propanoato di ammonio, più noto come GenX è un tensioattivo utilizzato dal 2005 negli Stati Uniti e dal 2012 nei Paesi Bassi dalla società chimica Chemours nella polimerizzazione in emulsione per la produzione di polimeri fluorurati commercializzati con il marchio Teflon.Viene usato come sostituto a minor impatto ambientale del perfluoro.

Chemiebedrijf Chemours gaat 75 miljoen euro investeren in de fabriek in Dordrecht. Het doel is om de uitstoot van GenX te minimaliseren. Eind 2020 wil het ni.. Agreement Specifies Next Steps under Consent Order with DEQ and Chemours. CHAPEL HILL, N.C.—On behalf of Cape Fear River Watch, the Southern Environmental Law Center today reached agreement on the details of next steps under a consent order with the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality and Chemours that requires the company to stop 99 percent of GenX and other PFAS water pollution from. Chemours en haar rechtsvoorgangers hebben in hun productie tot 2012 de stof PFOA en sinds 2012 GenX-stoffen (FRD-902, FRD-903 en E1) gebruikt en uitgestoten. Deze stoffen, behorend tot de groep PFAS-verbindingen , breken niet of nauwelijks af in het milieu en kunnen schadelijke effecten hebben voor de mens

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On June 14, one day before the GenX allegations hit, Chemours' stock was at $41.14 per share in mid-day trading. After the media reports hit, it dropped to $36.66 per share. The stock has. The Chemours Co. chemical production facility in Fayetteville has been found to be the source of PFAS chemicals, including GenX, in drinking water throughout the Cape Fear region. As cited by the petition, the EPA was granted new authority under the Toxic Substances Control Act in 2016 to order chemical manufacturers to conduct research on the. 10/31/17: Brunswick County files a Complaint against DuPont and Chemours; 10/23/17: Leland woman files a Complaint in NC state court against DuPont and Chemours after high GenX levels are found in her water heater; 10/20/17: Supply man files a Complaint concerning loss in value and marketability of properties due to GenX contaminatio An investigation by the internal watchdog for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has found insufficient communication and coordination within the agency allowed DuPont, and later Chemours, to discharge the toxic compound GenX into the Cape Fear River virtually unchecked for nearly a decade

Het is voor ieder mens onbegrijpelijk dat Chemours een vergunning krijgt van de overheid om de kankerverwekkende stof GenX in de Merwede te mogen lozen terwi.. zijn Chemours en de betrokken afvalverwerkers in Nederland bezocht. Dit rapport bevat de bevindingen van het onderzoek dat de ILT (Inspectie Leefomgeving en Transport) in samenwerking met de verschillende bevoegde gezagen heeft uitgevoerd. GenX . GenX is een technologie die wordt gebruikt om coatings te mak en. Daarbij spelen d CHEMOURS KEPT GEN-X DANGER FROM PUBLIC. Chemours regards itself as a new company, but its Fayetteville Works site has been manufacturing a wide range of DuPont products along the Cape Fear River in Cumberland and Bladen Counties for 46 years, since production began in 1971.. GenX, the new Teflon ingredient, was promoted as a less dangerous and safer for human health than its chemical. Chemours is working with the interested homeowners to enable the purchase of the single tap units, she said The Robeson County Health Department has tested 27 wells in northeast Robeson County for GenX. One of the wells tested above the state GenX limit and another far above the limit for GenX and a related chemical combined Chemours GenX Waste Importation Final Item Preview remove-circle Share or Embed This Item. Share to Twitter. Share to Facebook. Share to Reddit. Share to Tumblr. Share to Pinterest. Share via email

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Chemours and its predecessor DuPont have been under a consent order since 2009 to conduct health and environmental testing on GenX. EPA reviewed these data as they were submitted to EPA. Testing of solar panels which may contain fluoropolymers that were potentially created using the GenX chemicals was not part of the testing included in EPA. Knappe's lab also produced the bombshell 2016 study showing that GenX, a PFAS discharged from Chemours' Fayetteville Works plant, was traveling down the Cape Fear River, making its way through.

The chemical also is a byproduct of the production of other Chemours products. Three years ago, we learned we were drinking GenX and a lot of other compounds, collectively referred to as PFAS. A. Citizen Groups Will Sue DuPont and Chemours for Contaminating Drinking Water in North Carolina. GenX was engineered to replace PFOA, a toxic industrial chemical used to make Teflon. Now GenX has. GenX-also known by its chemical compound name Hexafluoropropylene Oxide Dimer Acid (HFPO-DA)-has gained attention in recent years, along with other related-PFAS compounds, after the widely reported chemical spill at the Chemours Fayetteville Works in North Carolina

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GenX is a trade name for a chemical (deduced structure shown above) that went into production around 2010 as an alternative to a perfluorooctanoic acid (also known as PFOA or C8) in the synthesis of PTFE (ie Teflon). PFAS is the broad category in which GenX, PFOA, and PFOS fall under. PFAS are essential for the production of common household. At a news conference afterwards, officials explained that they want funding from Chemours to build a public water system that would alleviate GenX contamination. Chemours is an American chemical.

The suit alleges that Chemours and DuPont knew that the PFCs they were releasing into the environment - including GenX - created a probable risk to the health of individuals who live near the. GenX presents many of the same health and environmental problems, and causes cancer in lab animals, as The Intercept reported in 2016. From 2014 until at least 2017, Chemours had been sending at least some of its GenX waste from the Netherlands to Miteni SpA, a chemical company in the Veneto region of Italy Chemours in Dordrecht heeft de indirecte lozing van FRD-903 en PFOA naar de rwzi Dordrecht sinds begin 2017 met respectievelijk 99 en 97 procent gereduceerd. Het bedrijf investeerde in actiefkoolfilters plaatsen om de emissie van GenX-stoffen te reduceren Chemours this month is testing drinking water for the Teflon-related chemical GenX in the same area of West Virginia where the company and DuPont in early 2017 agreed to a $671-million settlement. In the week that followed, DEQ gave Chemours a 60-day notice of intent to suspend its permit if it didn't cease discharging GenX-like compounds, then issued a Notice of Violation against Chemours based on groundwater testing results from August, and then filed a comprehensive complaint in Superior Court in Bladen County alleging a wide range.

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In 2017, it was found that Chemours was releasing a compound called GenX into the air and water near the plant, which eventually made it into drinking water sources including the Cape Fear River. North Carolina Files Suit Against DuPont and Chemours Over GenX and Other PFAS Contamination By Karen H. Davis on October 20, 2020 On October 13, 2020, North Carolina, acting through its Attorney General, filed suit in state court against DuPont, Chemours and related companies seeking costs to investigate, assess, remediate, restore and remedy. Since 1980, DuPont and Chemours have been dumping toxic waste from its 2,000-acre Fayetteville Works plant, including GenX and Nafion byproducts, into the Cape Fear River which supplies drinking water to five North Carolina counties with a combined population of over 770,000 GenX has since been discovered in hundreds of private wells near the plant. Chemours manufacturers GenX at a facility in Bladen County off N.C. 87 near the Cumberland County line. The compound also is a byproduct of other processes at the plant. Well owners near the facility have filed a lawsuit against Chemours Study Population Show More. The GenX Exposure Study is currently working in Wilmington and Fayetteville communities. All study participants are ages 6 and older, men and nonpregnant women, and willing to provide blood, urine, and questionnaire information. Additionally, the two communities have location-specific eligibility requirements

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Government data and documents suggest that the NC DEQ is one of the responsible parties for the Chemours (DuPont) GenX chemicals environmental disaster. Specifically, the evidence points to how the DEQ Division of Air Quality for 12 years (from 2005 to 2017) appeared to help DuPont and Chemours conceal the GenX discharges from the Nafion. Chemours Company - Fayetteville Works Mar-19 Air Permit No. 03735T44 Month Notes Status GenX Compound Emissions (lbs) October 6-31, 2018 1 Actual 0.1 November 2018 Actual 57.9 December 2018 2 Actual 68.9 January 2019 Actual 11.2 February 2019 Estimated 31.4 March 2019 Projected 55.3 April 2019 Projected 12.1 May 2019 Projected 13.8 June 2019.

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Chemours has been facing criticism since it was discovered their Fayetteville plant leaked their chemical GenX into the Cape Fear River. CEO Mark Vergnano addressed the ongoing chemical crisis in a call with stakeholders on Thursday Chemours also should provide within 30 days information EPA previously asked for describing when the Fortune 500 company first learned that GenX had contaminated drinking water wells near the two. The concerns about GenX started with contamination in the drinking water, both public supplies in Wilmington and private wells near the Chemours plant. But over the past 10 months, additional testing by the state and Chemours has expanded those contamination concerns to include air, water, honey, wild game, and fruits and vegetables Chemiebedrijf Chemours wil 75 miljoen euro investeren in de fabriek in Dordrecht, met als doel een verlaging van alle emissies van organische gefluoreerde stoffen. Tegen eind 2020 moet er een verlaging zijn van 99 procent van de totale GenX-uitstoot, vergeleken met 2017